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>> i know. craig: i feel like such a fool. >> it could have happened to anybody. craig: it could happen to anybody who was foolish enough to know. >> was he in "volcano"? craig: he wasn't. tommy lee jones was in that one -- >> you have a thing for tommy lee jones. earlier you said he was in annie. craig: i never said he was in annie. but he did play daddy warbuck and two face. the sun will be out tomorrow arr, arr. we're out of time. >> that's how it is. get your award -- say hi to craig and get off craig: you've taken almost half the show. >> did i take up almost half the snow craig: the sthow is mostly you and aaron's rattlesnake story. >> chi never heard. bring him back on to -- chi
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never -- which i never heard. what happened? craig: the rattlesnake was on his foot and that's it. >> boy, they put that micro phone on me fast. craig: when you look like aaron, who gives a rat's ass. pretty handsome dude. >> he's very handsome. very handsome. i would have to agree there. even when he was two-face which is supposed to be a scary character, the other part of his -- craig: all right. we're out of time. say good night, paula. [cheers and applause] ring ring. progresso. oh yes hi. can you put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." in high definition. a bay area deputy on the other side of the law tonight accused of selling drugs. why investigators believe it's only the tip of the ice berg. it's about wanting, you know, some quick cash and wanting money. go ahead and take the laptop, but don't steal the dog. >> you may want to think twice about keeping your precious pooch locked up in your car. why thieves may be after your dog. 3d technology now a weapon in the fight against breast cancer, how it can help and why some say it may not be worth the added risk.
1:40 am
good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. dana king is off tonight. first a officer and a private eye were busted. >> now a deputy sheriff has been taken into custody as well. robert liles has learned exclusive details about the latest arrests. robert? >> reporter: ken, $260,000, that's how much that danville cop just spent to get out of jail. we have learned that he was busted still in uniform from this very parking lot, accused of selling drugs. he is now the third individual to land behind bars with this still-evolving sting here in this county. listen as one defense attorney inty meats this might be the tip of the ice berg. sources close to the arrest of stephen bye naby say he was arrested on duty last friday.
1:41 am
tanabe was on patrol when they called him back to the danville police station where sheriff's deputies were wait to go arrest him, for not transferring an assault rival, which is side stepping the law, but also selling steroids in the now infamous drug sting that led to the arrest of christopher butler and, more alarming, the aarrest of the head of the contra costa narcotics team, norm agriculture welsh. >> i look at that agency as the hub of that. outcome the spoke. one of the spoke, my client is on. >> reporter: he denies officer tanabe sold drugs for his client. he says tanabe is involved with butler in an even more vicious scheme. >> you would have the investigation agency setting up males in dui situations. >> reporter: private eye butler is accused of of using william
1:42 am
women to liquor up men and once they got behind the wheel they called tanabe who made the arrest. >> did they give to the police officer money. >> reporter: if so, the dui cases with tanabe's name on them could be thrown out. but now they are allegedly linked. so car does a says there is a common denominator. >> the common thread seems to be the antioch police department. they were all ex-antioch police officers. >> reporter: does that mean other ex-antioch cops are being investigated. did his client give up those officers. he will only say he talked to them before he lawyered up. >> if part of the truth implicates other people how do you stop from implicating other people if you're going to tell the entire truth. >> reporter: while core does a goes on to tell cbs5 he has not ruled out the possibility of continuing to participate with the district attorney as this
1:43 am
case moves forward, meantime, one of the public defenders has told us that one of the drug cases associated with this sting is headed to court tomorrow morning. she says she is prepared to move for dismissal. >> this case just continues to grow. robert liles in danville. thank you robert. well a fourth survey laps video is out tonight in the ongoing review of drug busts by san francisco plainclothes officers. video taken at the henry hotel released by the san francisco public defender's office shows a man in a dark jacket walking inside last december. officers said they saw that man in a room with drugs in his jacket. but, according to the police report, the drugs were in the man's white and tan jacket. now the charges were later dismissed. the plainclothes unit is suspended now while the f.b.i. and other authorities investigate allegations of misconduct. governor brown says he won't have a budget deal by thursday, which was his self- imposed deadline. still, he is shooting for this weekend.
1:44 am
the governor wants to ask voters to approve an extension of sales, income, and vehicle tax hikes for another five years. to get his request on a special election ballot in june he needs to pass his budget. but he doesn't have enough votes from republicans. he needs at least four. >> i have to say to my republican colleagues, who i'm talking to, "i'm asking you not to tax anybody." i'm asking you to let the people of california decide. >> republican senators in talks with the governor say they have reached an impasse but the ideas they have offered such as proposals for overhauling pensions and state spending have either been rejected or watered down. if the tax extensions are not passed the state will have to cut an additional 13 1/2 billion dollar from the budget. most of that is expected to come from education. a union representing more than 600 firefighters has reached a deal for a new contract.
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they agreed to cut compensation 10% and staff trucks with four people instead of five. they asked each of their employee unions to make concessions as they grapple with a budget deficit expected to top $105 million next year. the city council must now approve the deal. other headlines from around the bay area tonight. a soldier from san jose has been killed in afghanistan leaving behind a pregnant wife and a 2-year-old son. army staff sergeant mark wells died saturday. his family says he stepped on a hidden bomb while disarming another explosive device. the 31-year-old used to play the bagpipes at funerals of fellow soldiers. wells attended lee high school in san jose. cal train officials say they have significant leads in friday evening's attack at the redwood station. they robbed a 47-year-old man as he waited on the southbound platform.
1:46 am
he remains in critical condition. cal train has increased the security in the area. the debate over leash laws in san francisco parks went to the dogs today. dozens of dogs and their owners showed up to protest at fort mason. pet owners resist a plan that would relimit off leash areas. that would include for the funsten and chrissy field. they'll take your stereo, even your loose change. they are people who break into cars. they don't usually snatch 2 dog. a san francisco woman says that's how her pooch was swiped. grace lee on what may have drawn thieves to this particular pet. >> it's been extremely difficult for me. >> reporter: when sally chan went for take out on sos on bride and 8th on tuesday. she didn't think twice about parking her car across the street. when she came out her passenger window was snatched.
1:47 am
among the missing items her boyfriend's laptop and her dog lola. >> i was thinking all these things, when i finally looked into the car i knew she was gone and broke down immediately and started crying. >> reporter: she adopted lowell a 6 years ago from animal care and control the 9-pound pink knees was her first and more value because she hasn't been allowed to have a dog as a child. >> my heart goes out for anybody who loses an animal under any circumstances but this is just, it's not right. >> reporter: animal care and control director rebecca katz says even she has left her dogs in the car for a quicker rant. while dogs are known to be stolen, breaking into a car to steal a pooch is kind of rare. she says, unfortunately, there is is a market to resell dogs, especially purebred ones like lola. >> in my experience this is the best thing for recovering a dog
1:48 am
is media because people begin to feel the hate. >> reporter: she is cautioning owners from leaving their dogs tied to parking meters and now she is warning them not to leave them in cars. a lesson sally wishes she didn't have to share. >> it's really perplexing to me and i just don't understand, you know, why someone would do that. you know. if it's about wanting, you know, some quick cash or wanting the money, go ahead and just take the laptop, but don't, you know, don't steal the dog. >> reporter: in san francisco, grace lee cbs5. well they are running out of numbers in the 408 area code so silicon valley is getting a new area code. 669 will be rolled out by the end of next year. still not clear how the area codes will be divided, whether the area codes will be split up geographically or just 669 will be given to all new customers, the california public utilities commission will hold some public hearings beginning a week from wednesday. sit being called a medical
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first. why doctors say they have a much better chance of finding cancer earlier with a 3d mammogram. >> there's an app for that. how a phone app is solving the biggest problem with driving an electric car. the network says "you're fired" to charlie sheen. what's next for "two and a half men." we have a little bit of light rain in the forecast for tuesday but it's something completely different that will find you looking up in the sky.
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appr month. a breast cancer survivor today became the first american to get a 3d mammogram. the fda approved that technology just last month. studies have shown using 3- dimensional imagery increases a doctor's ability to spot cancer by about 7%. it's also reducing the number of women who must get additional screening because a result is unclear. >> what it means is that now we have the ability to not just look at the breast but actually to look thuy and around structures we weren't able to see before. >> they haven't been shown to find more breast cancer, find breast cancer earlier, but most importantly it saves lives. they do, however, double the rate of radiation that a woman is exposed to. right now the 3d ma'am ma bram is only available at massachusetts general hospital but it is expected at facilities nation-wide this
1:53 am
year. so you're in your electric car and you realize you got to charge up. now there's an app that shows you where you can go to get your juice and it can even be free. kiet do is here to tell us how it works. >> reporter: in milpitas they are leading the charge to charge. >> it goes in and plugs into your vehicle and basically starts charging. >> reporter: he has installed a 220-volt charging station in his garage to get ready for the arrival of his nissan lease. he has also installed an iphone app called plug share to share his plug in. the idea, if you're low on juice and nearby and desperate give him a call. >> if somebody in an electric car is in trouble they can come to your house. >> i would just give me a call and let me know you're in trouble and, eh. >> the plug share is a community-powered electric vehicle charging network. >> reporter: armand pa rochean
1:54 am
is the founder of plug share in palo alto. he grew up building solar cars and says ev owners are an optimistic and generous crowd. they are saying go electric and try and save the world are you trying to save the world with this app? >> i'm not trying to save the world. i think we're definitely moving the world towards a better place. >> reporter: with plug share you decide how much information to give out like your address and phone number. you can indicate what kind of charger you have. at 8 cents per kilowatt-hour it's up to you whether you want to collect payment for the power. >> it depends on how much people are showing up and how much the bill goes up. so i'll have to take that call when i cross that bridge. but at this time we're not thinking about it. >> reporter: plug share is democracy ra tieing the electric car with a nissan lease and chevy volt on the
1:55 am
horizon, the onslaught of evs is coming. i actually downloaded this app and tried it out myself and it actually works. so if you're in san jose and you're low on power, come on by the house, i got a plug waiting for you. the best part about this app, it's free. >> okay. sound good. garage door open, kiet do, thanks very much. it's official. charlie sheen is out of a job. warner brothers said today it fired the "two and a half men" star following his hospitalization, and a bitter media campaign. they said the action was taken after "careful consideration j when asked by the associated press if he plans to sue machine said"big." warner brothers says that it has not made a decision on the future of "two and a half men." -- 1 1/2 men maybe? >> good one, there you go. >> yeah. on to roberta now. ro, take it away.
1:56 am
54 degrees in san francisco right here, that's below the average of 62 degrees. had a little bit of low-lying moisture in the form of mist falling. relatively on the mild side with numbers dropping into the low 40s, santa rosa, 50 oakland, mid-40s around the peninsula. 47 degrees in downtown san jose through allen rock. morning commute, if you want to stay safe grab that umbrella but for the most part we'll have clouds. numbers into the 40s and the low 50s, otherwise this area of low pressure is really falling apart at the seems. we have a huge cloud shield that pushed into the bay. according to our pinpoint forecast which is usually pretty spot on. it places a little bit of light rain showers right there, central bay, and keeping everything else. report of the sun up tomorrow, a straight rain drop throughout the day.
1:57 am
that's about it. nothing measurable as far as accumulation is concerned, that's kind of okay because tomorrow night partly cloudy skies and we'll have big doings in the sky. it's the passing of the international space station combined with the space shuttle discovery from the direction of the pacific northwest around towards the southeast. which is kind of like barstow. so keep in mind tomorrow, look up into the skies, no matter where you are 7:25. partly cloudy during the day, number-wise into the 50s and 60s, a few mid-60s towards rio vista and cordell ya, a couple degrees warmer than what we experienced today. the warmest day will be on wednesday, 59 to 75 degrees, and we're talking that 75 towards santa cruz. next rain will occur thursday, another shot of precipitation comes on sunday through monday. boy, was it blustery, wintery today. aaron said it was a great day for sailing for some people
1:58 am
on san francisco bay. keep the photos coming. the thing about the rain coming on sunday is that we do set our clocks ahead 1 full hour so we'll have one additional hour of day light. not so much day light, but rain. >> spring forward, does that make sense to you. >> it does. >> more rain. >> yeah, more rain. >> something like that. >> plan on that. >> i'll call you sunday. why do we get seasick? the answer coming up in tonight's good question. ,,,,
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visit your honda dealer during the really big sales event. strong winds blew a sailboat into the san mateo bridge. the 21-foot vessel hit one of the bullpenners. the coast guard says the boat came from the oyster point area. officials have located the boat's owner who plans to rescue the boat using a smaller vessel. >> the owner is lucky he wasn't on board. might have got queasy. it comes out of nowhere. what is happening in our body
2:01 am
when we get seasick? that's tonight's good question. it turns out about 80% of us will experience motion sickness at some point in our lives. that queasy, dizzying nauseous feeling that can be uncomfortable to say the least. >> you have got the situation moving, not moving, moving, not moving, your brain can't handle that. you get that dizzy feeling and might get quite nauseated and maybe even throw it. >> ear, nose and throat special list says it comes down to three body systems, your balance, the eyesight and the fluid in your inner ear. >> your inner ear senses motion and the the third part of the system is your receptors and you have to see where you are. it sends information about where your body is. >> some people can get sick up in an airplane, others get sick riding on a boat. in any one of those three components, your balance, eyesight or inner ear goes
2:02 am
haywire you'll be bar having. they work to dessens ties their inner ear. mariners to trick their brains by focusing on the horizon. if you get car sick try moving up front. >> reading a book, not looking out the window, just getting thrown around in the back seat. that's probably the worst thing you can possibly do. >> go to click on connect to send me your good question. >> area hoop fans might be feeling a little sick tonight. with a win, st. mary's gets a with a win, st. mary's gets a ticket ,,,,,,
2:03 am
♪ all righty. oh, oh. you are a little biscuit. i'm carol. uh, we should skedaddle 'cause it's girls' night. so...okay. oh, wow. you got a skinny-dipping scene after the duel, right? well, i -- shh, shh, shh. show. don't tell. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. just a little -- okay. oh, wow. [ male announcer ] watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. [ carol ] this could turn me into a history buff. unless it's also a scrub. lysol complete clean dual action wipes have 2 sides that go beyond ordinary wipes.
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you can feel the difference. one side for everyday touchups. and one to scrub tough messes. all while killing 99.9% of germs. for tips on a healthy home visit gonzaga in the wcc final tonight to guarentee a spot on the ncaa tournament. win and you're in. yes, st. mary's needed to beat gonzaga to earn a spot in the tournament. they were ought for a flog but mickey mcconnell off balance, hits the j from downtown. st. mary's up four. marquis corner at the buzzer gets the shot to fall.
2:05 am
zags up 5 headed to the locker room. the gaels tie it with 10 minutes left in the game. matthew dell va dove a 3 of his 21 points, then gonzaga pulls away thanks to an 8-0 run. raymond sackre blue drills one home. 75-63, zag a wins. st. maries will now home the 20- 4-8 record will be good enough for an at large bid. jonathan sanchez for the rangers allowed only 1 run in four innings. struck out five including nelson cruz. pat burrell, remember him, 0-15 in the world series, you and i were there, he couldn't hit a thing, hit tonight, 2 for 2, 2- out blast, they get their texas league-leading ninth win. >> the machine. >> the machine at the bat. >> nfl and the players met for a 12th day of mediation. still no deal. ed debartolo owned the 49ers the next time there was a work
2:06 am
stoppage, he told us it won't happen again. >> they'll get a deal done. well, both sides cannot be stupid and you know, you don't kill the goose that is laying the golden egg. it's extended a week, they'll get it done. they won't let it get to a lock out or a strike. eddie d was at st. francis to put a couple into the hall of fame. also going in santa crusader julie inkster and u.s. go hasan detatum who was introduced by tom watson, clark won two super bowls with the 'niners, he'll never live down that risk dick house fur coat he wore. >> joe had it too, so i wasn't the only idiot out there. after that catch play i -- we were getting calls from all over about people wanting endorsements and we did a
2:07 am
little ad for a local company and, you know, got the coats at a great deal and so there we were on the floats with fur coats, all the fans were pulling all the fur, i got -- i still have that coat somewhere, it's got bear spots on it from the fans pulling fur out of it. >> number 4, minnesota's kevin love, 23 points, 17 boards, 15 straight double doubles tying the great moses malone for the all-time record. demers landed a brutal right cross to the official's chin. the guy he was aiming for was being held back by the other official. go to an eye doctor. at number 2, jeremy thompson has a prettier one, this is something you'll only see on cbs5. lacrosse because we care. a's fans remember why you love nick swisher so much? because of plays like this. it's spring training and nick swisher is playing like it's game 7 of the world series as
2:08 am
dwayne, our director says, "yankee ball." you know who is gonna make that team. eric chavez, going to be playing first base, and maybe a little first ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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